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EASA-Share Folder

The easa-share folder contains the configuration of Databases and Emails. It must be shared to grant a remote SYSTEM account access to those settings (the account that is running tomcat on the remote server with JSF, Excel or EASA Web Services).

Remote servers running JSF, Excel or EASA Web Services will need remote access to the easa-share folder located on the main EASA Server. Remote Compute servers don't require access and as a result environments where all remote servers are Compute servers do not need this configuration.

Setting up the folder

During installation time, EASA asks for the network path to easa-share in a host name or IP address format.

\\<Host name OR IP>\easa-share

While the IP address can be used as well, using the name of the host is recommended.

Setting the network path on an already existing installation involves editing the file found in the EASAServerData folder, (uncommenting, if necessary, and) changing the “shared.path” property to the desired network path, made up of the host name/IP and easa-share, as shown above.

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