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MySQL Database Installer Instructions

In production environments, performance of EASA can be improved by using a MySQL database to handle jobs and results.

Installing the MySQL Database

  1. Stop your EASA Server.
  2. Run the mysql-web_app application to start the installation wizard.
  3. Follow the wizard steps to install MySQL.
  4. Once the installation is complete, start your EASA Server.
  5. Navigate to the System → Backup tab in Administrator mode and click on the “Rebuild job database” link.

MySQL Database on Linux

The MySQL Database installation carries a couple of caveats for EASA Servers running under Linux.

Firstly, MySQL should not and will not run as a root user on Linux, so you will need to run your EASA Server as a non-root user. Please follow the instructions provided at Running as User other than Root.

Secondly, additional packages may be required, such as ‘libaio’. If you encounter any missing package errors, please install them using the package manager for your particular distribution.

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