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Specifies a computer to be used as compute server by EASA for running Excel.

Essential Parameters:
Hostname:Name of computer.
This parameter must be unique to each Excel Server object due to a single machine can only serve as one Excel Server.
Server Processing:Choice list selection of an Excel Server Processing object from the SERVER PROCESSING LIST.
Optional Parameters:
Number of Processes:The number of Excel processes run to service user requests. Default→3
Visibility:Select if Excel is visible on Excel server. (default→'Hidden', 'Visible')
Timeout:Time in seconds of inactivity allowed before workbook removed from an Excel process. default→1800
Excel Server Types:A reference to an EXCEL SERVER TYPE. Used to indicate that the excel server has some specific capabilities, for example a specific addin.
Configuration Only:Select whether Excel Server is only configured as a paired resource on an EASAP Server. (default→False, True)

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