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SSH SERVER PROCESSING contains all preset functionality to properly communicate with ssh server on a Compute Server.

Essential Parameters:
User Name:Name used to authenticate with the ssh service.
Operating System:Select operating system of Compute Server. For Linux, use UNIX. (UNIX, WINDOWS)
Working Subdirectory:Directory path on Compute Server in which processes will run (NOTE: When using SSH SERVER PROCESSING, path is relative to home directory of ssh userid)
Optional Parameters:
Id File:File containing private key for public- private key authentication.
Id Passphrase:Passphrase protecting the private key file, if any.
Known Hosts File:File containing the fingerprints of machines authorized for connections.
Password:Password used to authenticate with the ssh service.
Run File:Name of script or batch file used in running a process on Compute Server. Located under <SERVERDATA>/easa/admin/config directory on the EASA Server.
Shared Disk:Select whether the Compute Server can see the EASA installation filespace on the EASA Server. (TRUE, FALSE)

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