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 ====== Creating Custom Code using the EASA API ====== ====== Creating Custom Code using the EASA API ======
 +In this section, the creation and use of custom code within the EASA Application Programmers Interface (API) will be described in detail. By writing custom code, the functionality of EASA can be extended beyond its current set of capabilities. Custom code in EASA is written in the Java programming language. If you are not experienced with Java but still would like custom code written for your EASA System, then the EASA Applications Team can provide this code for you on a consulting basis, please contact EASA support. More information about Java can be found in the book: Niemeyer, P. and Knudsen, J. 2002. //Learning Java//. O’Reilly. and at the website: [[http://​​_blank|http://​​]][[http://​​_blank|.]] ​
 +**Tip: If you have existing code not in Java, it is often possible to write a simple Java interface to call this other code.**
   * [[wiki:​guides:​authors:​creating_custom_code_using_the_easa_api:​introduction_to_custom_code]]   * [[wiki:​guides:​authors:​creating_custom_code_using_the_easa_api:​introduction_to_custom_code]]
   * [[wiki:​guides:​authors:​creating_custom_code_using_the_easa_api:​creating_custom_objects]]   * [[wiki:​guides:​authors:​creating_custom_code_using_the_easa_api:​creating_custom_objects]]
   * [[wiki:​guides:​authors:​creating_custom_code_using_the_easa_api:​implementing_custom_code]]   * [[wiki:​guides:​authors:​creating_custom_code_using_the_easa_api:​implementing_custom_code]]

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