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Interacting With Excel Spreadsheets

Introduction to Excel Interactivity

A major usage of EASA is to incorporate Excel spreadsheets into web-based EASA Applications (EASAPs) and to deploy them out to end users via a browser. Excel Interactivity in EASA is a broad topic and this section is intended to help EASAP Authors understand the following:

  • What functionality in Excel spreadsheets is supported by EASA
  • How spreadsheets can be presented in an EASAP’s user interface
  • Recommended spreadsheet preparation for use in EASA
  • How to use the Excel Range Wizard tool supplied in EASA
  • How to configure connections to Excel spreadsheets in EASAP Builder
  • How to exchange data with Excel spreadsheets in EASAP Builder

Note: Before you can author connections to spreadsheets in your EASAPs, at least one Excel Server must first be configured by an EASA Administrator. See the System Requirements and Configuring Compute Servers.

Pre-Authoring Considerations with Excel

Excel Functionality Support

EASA supports a large portion of potential uses of Excel spreadsheets. For detailed functionality support information, see:

User Interface Design

The process of integrating a Spreadsheet into an EASAP brings with it some interesting design considerations and opportunities. For more information on this, see:

Workbook Preparation

Before starting to build an EASAP around a spreadsheet, there are a few preparation tasks that should be performed on the spreadsheet to minimize potential compatibility issues with EASA. See:

Authoring with Excel in EASAP Builder

Excel Range Wizard

The Excel Range Wizard can automate a good deal of the authoring process around Excel interactivity.

For a basic, step-by-step example of the Excel Range Wizard, see:

For further information on the Excel Range Wizard, including descriptions of Advanced Parameters, see:

Defining Excel Connections (Spreadsheet List Branch)

The process of making EASAPs interact with Excel spreadsheets involves defining connections to the spreadsheets from the workbook files on down to individual cells on the various worksheets. See:

Exchanging Data With Spreadsheets

Once connections have been defined with one or more Excel spreadsheets, see this section for methods of exchanging data between the EASAP and these spreadsheets:

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