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Guide Section: GUI of EASAPs | EASAP Tree: USER INTERFACE Branch

BUTTON creates a button on the USER INTERFACE of an EASAP.

  • A BUTTON triggers an ACTION in either of two possible ways:
    1. Add one or more Child ACTIONs under the BUTTON.
    2. Reference a BUTTON via a BUTTON PRESSED→Buttons: parameter

An example of a BUTTON is shown in below.

Optional Parameters:
Label:Text displayed on button, object references allowed.
Type:Sets if the object should look like a button or a link. default→BUTTON
Image:Make the button an image instead. Preserves the same functionality but will appear as the image. Buttons that are images cannot have a Label:.
Confirmation if:Specifies a condition for showing a confirmation message before accepting the button click.
Confirmation text:Specifies the text to appear in the confirmation window.
Show if:Logical expression, if TRUE then button shown, if FALSE then button NOT shown
Enable if:Logical expression, if TRUE then button enabled, if FALSE then button NOT enabled
Style:A reference to a USER INTERFACE STYLE that controls the visual appearance of this objects background 'Tool Tip Text' to be displayed as a tool tip
Tab Index:Establish an order of preference for <TAB> key navigation. Highest priority is the lowest number (default→1) and continues in ascending numerical order. Use -1 to disable.
Delimiter:Character to delimit an object reference in Label: (default→%)

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