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Guide Section: Processing Events and Performing Actions | EASAP Tree: EVENT PROCESSING Branch / PROCESSES Branch

Tip: The CELL REFRESH action followed by a MENU ACTION ‘Refresh’ is sometimes needed after running either a RUN MACRO ACTION or CLEAR EXCEL RANGE.

CLEAR EXCEL RANGE clears values in cells or NAMED RANGES's as specified in the Ranges: parameter in Excel spreadsheets by referencing existing SHEET's or specifying a NAMED RANGE for a specific spreadsheet in the Sheets: parameter. The Ranges: parameter is used in conjunction with the Types: parameter to determine how the values are cleared in the specified spreadsheets.

Cell Reference

When specifying a cell reference in the Ranges: parameter, the format of the range takes one of the following two forms:

  • start_cell:end_cell (eg. A5:A25 )
  • start_cell (eg. A5 )

The first or second format can be used in conjunction with a selection of ‘Normal Range’ in the Types: parameter, while only the second format should be used with the ‘Row’ or ‘Column’ selections in the Types: parameter.

Multiple Ranges

More than one Cell Reference or NAMED RANGE can be specified in the Ranges: parameter by comma separating the values. Therefore, a single CLEAR EXCEL RANGE can clear the values from cells within multiple spreadsheets.

Note: For every Cell Reference or NAMED RANGE specified in the Ranges: parameter, a corresponding value must be specified in each of the Sheets: and Types: parameters, so that all three parameters contain the same number of entries.

Essential Parameters:
Sheets:Select sheets from list of available Sheet object as data destinations
Ranges:Comma-separated list of named or Cell Reference's to write into (eg. B6:G6 or A4)
Optional Parameters:
Delimiter:Character to act as delimiter in DORs in Ranges: parameter. default→%.
On Error:Specifies if the ACTION should continue or stop when an error occurs.
Do if:Logical expression, if FALSE then action NOT performed else default→TRUE.
Queue:Set to TRUE to avoid running out of of free Excel processes

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