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Guide Section: Coupling To Software Applications | EASAP Tree: PROCESSES Branch

A CUSTOM PROCESS ACTION executes custom written Java code. The specific code that is accessed is determined by the selection of the code’s fully qualified class name as the value of the Class: parameter. A few examples of possible CUSTOM PROCESS ACTION's are as follows:

  • Copy files in an operating system independent manner to/from a file server.
  • Read files of a given known format
  • Set values of explicit scalar and list objects

For details on writing custom code for EASA, see Creating Custom Code using the EASA API.

The parameters of a CUSTOM PROCESS ACTION are described below.

Essential Parameters:
Class:Fully qualified class name of the custom code
Optional Parameters:
On Error:Defines whether subsequent ACTION's and the PROCESS should continue if there is an error, the default is to continue.
Do if:Logical expression, if FALSE then action NOT performed else default→TRUE.

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