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Guide Section: Processing Events and Performing Actions | EASAP Tree: EVENT PROCESSING Branch

MENU ACTION performs one of the available actions located within the menus and toolbar of an EASAP, for example a Save, Refresh or Submit action.

Two common uses for MENU ACTION are as follows:

  • Set Action: to 'Refresh' to update object values that might be stale.
  • Set Action: to 'Submit' to submit a run to the EASA Server from a BUTTON.
Essential Parameters:
Action:Select one of the available actions under the menus or on the toolbar of EASAP
Optional Parameters:
Do if:Logical expression, if TRUE then action performed, if FALSE then action NOT performed
Asynchronous:(EASA Client) Select whether MENU ACTION runs as if in a separate ACTION branch. TRUE→ (default) a subsequent ACTION will start immediately.
FALSE→ MENU ACTION runs to completion before continuing to the next ACTION.

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