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Guide Section: Coupling To Software Applications | EASAP Tree: PROCESSES

MONITOR is a Child to a PROCESS. It is used to monitor the progress of a PROCESS currently submitted to the EASAP queue and possibly running on a compute server. MONITOR copies the file specified in its File: parameter from the Compute Server back to the EASA Server at a regular interval as specified in its Interval: parameter. By copying the specified file back to the EASA Server, MONITOR allows you to extract data from the file using an EXTRACT and then display this data to users as an indication of the progress of the submitted run.

Essential Parameters:
File:File to be copied back from compute server to EASA Server while process running. DORs allowed
Interval:Time in seconds between file copies be initiated
Optional Parameters:
Delimiter:Character to act as delimiter in DORs in File: parameter. default→%.

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