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Guide Section: Interacting With Excel Spreadsheets | EASAP Tree: SPREADSHEET LIST Branch

NAMED RANGE's are created automatically by EASAP Builder by reading them directly from spreadsheet files specified within a SPREADSHEET. NAMED RANGE's can be used within Range Reference: parameters of data entry objects (INPUTBOX, CHOICE LIST, etc.) and Ranges: parameters of Excel actions (READ EXCEL ACTION, WRITE EXCEL ACTION, etc.).

A NAMED RANGE can specify additional information; for example, when a dimension is needed via the Unit: parameter or when overriding the cell type using the Cell Type: parameter.

Essential Parameters:
Name:Select named range from list
Optional Parameters:
Dependents:Comma-separated list of cells dependent on this referenced cell. Set automatically by dependency calculation.
Additional Dependents:Comma-separated list of dependent cells beyond calculated values. NOTE: Re-run dependency calculation after setting. ( [1!A5] = Cell A5 in Sheet 1)
Unit:Select unit of value stored in cell. Should be set when value in cell is NOT in the base unit used in EASAP for this value.
Cell Type:Set whether the cell is an input or output, or both.
Address:The Excel formula pointing to to the cell.

Below is an example of a NAMED RANGE:

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