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Guide Section: Processing Object Data | EASAP Tree: DATA PROCESSING Branch

OBJECT QUERY retrieves information on other objects in the EASAP.

It can be used to create list DORs of object names or values, and can also be used to retrieve the values of any parameter within an object. A powerful feature of OBJECT QUERY is its recursive capability – you can have an OBJECT QUERY as a target of an OBJECT QUERY. When an OBJECT QUERY is in 'Object Value' mode, and is pointed towards another OBJECT QUERY it will return the same output as the target OBJECT QUERY. This functionality can be used to concatenate object queries, or to add objects to the object query results.When in 'Object Value' mode and pointed towards a list DOR, the list will be concatenated with any SCALAR values or other LIST's.

Essential Parameters:
Objects:List of objects to query.
Optional Parameters:
Query:Type of query (Object Name, Object Value, Parameter)
Parameter Name:Selected when Query Type: is parameter. Choose the name of the parameter in the target object for which to return a value.
Value on Error:The value to return if an error occurs when querying the object. Only available for 'Object Value' queries.

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