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PARAMETRIC RANGE is a convenient and powerful method for allowing users to perform parametric studies with an EASAP.

If an INPUTBOX has Input Type:→'Number' or 'Currency' or 'Percent' it may be given a Child PARAMETRIC RANGE. When the EASAP is running parametric submissions will be allowed and the () button will appear in the user interface to the right of the INPUTBOX. When a user clicks on this button, a pop-up window will appear for them to specify the Parametric Range settings.

Note: With the Parametric Range capability, there is a danger that users will be able to overload your Compute Server resources by creating a large number of runs. However, you can set the Max. Parametric Runs: parameter of EASAP→APPLICATION to a fixed number to limit excessive computation.

For a more detailed description of Parametric Ranges and how to use them within EASAPs see Parametric Study Capability in EASAPs.

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