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Guide Section: EASAP GUIs | EASAP Tree: USER INTERFACE Branch

SELECTOR is a very powerful GUI object that allows a User to create and customize a list of items in a table. Below the table are the input objects and modifying BUTTONS: 'Add', 'Update' and 'Delete'. The choices in the list are called USER ITEM's. The items in the list act as DORs and can be referenced by other objects in the EASAP.

Optional Parameters:
Title:Text displayed above the list.
Show if:Logical expression, if TRUE then object shown, if FALSE then object NOT shown.
Enable if:Logical expression, if TRUE then object enabled, if FALSE then object NOT enabled.
Template Name:The text prefix of the label of each USER ITEM automatically appended with a digit to form a DOR reference (ie. 'record'→record1, record2,…).
Maximum Number of Items:Upper bound for items in the list.
Minimum Number of Items:Lower bound for items in the list.
Number of Lines:The number of lines the table should show.
Tool Tip:Text to be displayed as a tool tip.

SELECTOR's can have the following Child objects:

Object Name Description
DEFAULT ITEM Parent for one or more LIST's of choices for a SELECTOR.
USER ITEM LISTA placeholder for LIST ITEM's generated when the EASAP is run. This object cannot be removed.

An Example

  • Create an EASAP with the Tree below
  • Select selector1
    • Set Template Name:'record'
  • Set choice_list1 parameters as below
  • Select Logicbox1
    • Set Default:'FALSE' and set a Label:
  • Select integerbox1
    • Set Default:'100' and set a Label:
  • File→Save and Test

EASAP interface should appear as the lower screenshot after pressing 'Add Item' BUTTON three times. 'Update Item' and the EASAP GUI objects below the table allow each value to be adjusted from the default and then 'Updated'.

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