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Guide Section: Processing Events and Performing Actions | EASAP Tree: EVENT PROCESSING Branch / PROCESSES Branch

SET SCALAR sets the value of an explicit SCALAR. By default, the value of the SCALAR defined by the Name: parameter is set to the literal value set in the Value: parameter.

If Type: is set to ‘Evaluate’, then the Value: parameter is evaluated as an expression. The expression may be a function of the object specified in Name: parameter, if required. So for example, x could be updated to have value 2*x+1.

If the Type: parameter is set to ‘Expand’, Delimited Object References in the Value: parameter, such as %x%, are expanded out.

The final Type: parameter setting of ‘Expand and Evaluate’ will first expand any DORs in the text and then will evaluate the result as an expression, so for example, a TEXTBOX named textbox1 could contain an expression typed in by the user say 2x, and then %textbox1% in the Value: parameter would be expanded to 2x and then evaluated as a normal expression.

Essential Parameters:
Name:Name of explicit SCALAR to store values.
Value:Value to set within object specified in Name: parameter. DORs and expressions may be allowed depending on Type: setting]
Optional Parameters:
Type:Select type of method used on Value: Parameter. (default→Value, Evaluate, Expand, Evaluate and Expand)
Delimiter:Character to act as delimiter in DORs in Value: parameter. default→%.
Do if:Logical expression, if FALSE then action NOT performed else default→TRUE.

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