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A TABBED PANE is a visible region onto which Child GUI Objects are added. It is comprised of the Diagram Region on the left and the Input Region on the right.

A TABBED PANE may have a Child TABBED PANE LIST which in turn may have a Child TABBED PANE This is called Nesting and can be used to achieve the GUI structure that suits the needs of the EASAP.

Optional Parameters:
Tab:Text label displayed on tab
Show if:Logical expression, if FALSE then line NOT shown else default→TRUE
Diagram:Name(s) of diagram(s) to be displayed on the TABBED PANE's Diagram Region
Enable if:Logical expression, if TRUE then pane enabled, if FALSE then pane NOT enabled
Divider Location:Set number of pixels to adjust location of divider between Diagram: and GUI Object regions. Positive number moves divider to right, negative to left.
Style:Literal CSS text, or, a reference to a USER INTERFACE STYLE that controls the visual appearance of this tab .
Label Width:Width in pixels for all LABEL's on TABBED PANE
Color:Background color of Diagram Region. Color palette will popup to select color. default→white
Inherit Styles:Sets the behavior towards the Style: parameter of the Parent. Default→TRUE
Show DORs:A list of Child objects to be shown in Analyse EASAP mode.

Show if:

The Show if: parameter, allows building logic into EASAPs, thus allowing what is displayed in the user interface to be dependent on user inputs. For details on using logical expressions, see Logical Expressions.

For the top level TABBED PANE tabbed_pane1, Show if: is not used—this TABBED PANE is always shown.

Enable if:

The Enable if: parameter is similar to Show if: except that it doesn’t ever hide an object, it just disables it. In many cases, the object will be ‘grayed out’ to indicate being disabled.

Tab Type: 'Panel Bars'

Nested TABBED PANE's can be displayed as collapsible panel bars in the Web Browser Client. This display mode is specified using the Tab Type: parameter, which is only available on nested TABBED PANE's.

An example of panel bar display mode is shown below:

Child Objects

To add GUI objects to a TABBED PANE, right-click the TABBED PANE and select Child→Add [GUI Object from the list below]

TABBED PANE The Parent for GUI Objects in an EASAP's user interface.
BUTTONRectangular region that triggers an ACTION when clicked.
CHOICE LISTSelect from a drop down list of possible values.
DATA TABLEA table of INPUTBOX's with added functionality.
DATEBOXAccepts and formats date input.
FILE CHOICESelects a file from local filesystem for use by an EASAP.
IMAGEDisplays images in the GUI.
INPUTBOXA versatile data entry component that can be configured to behave in a variety of modes.
INTEGERBOXAccepts integer input.
LABELDisplays text and image data.
LOGICBOXAccepts either 'checked' or 'unchecked' selection.
POLLProvides the ability to automatically, repeatedly trigger an action at a defined interval.
REALBOXAccepts a real or decimal number input.
SELECTORAppears as a list of custom items in a table.
SLIDERAccepts a mouse-selected numerical value within a specified range.
SPACERVertical or horizontal space between adjacent objects on the Tree.
SUB PANEContainer for GUI objects arranged in a box.
TABULATED DATADisplays tables of LIST data.
TEXTAREAAccepts input text and displays output text.
TEXTBOXAccepts input text in a box.

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