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Guide Section: GUI of EASAPs | EASAP Tree: USER INTERFACE Branch

USER INTERFACE→TABBED PANE LIST is a built-in object in a new EASAP. It is a Parent container for Child TABBED PANE's.

A TABBED PANE LIST can be a Child to a TABBED PANE to create nested TABBED PANE's.

Optional Parameters:
Tabs Types:Sets the look and feel of the tabs. default→Tab Panels.

If the TABBED PANE LIST is a Child of a TABBED PANE,
Panel Bars is an other option giving a layout similar to filing cabinet folders.

List of Child objects:

Object name Description
EVENT PROCESSINGA Parent to EVENT and ACTION processing.
TABBED PANEDefines a new tabbed pane on the EASAP user interface.

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