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Spell Checking Objects

EASAP Builder has a spell check capability that allows authors to check certain parameter values for spelling mistakes. Common parameters that are checked are the Title:, Label: and Text: parameters found throughout the Builder's objects.

Using the Spell Checker

There are two methods for initiating spell checking within EASAP Builder:

  1. Click on the Check Spelling of Object button on the EASAP toolbar

Select either:

  • Tools→Complete Check →Checks every object on the EASAP Tree
  • Tools→Selected Object to Tree Base [Ctrl-L]→Checks the selected object and then every Parent upward on the Tree
  • Tools→Selected Object [Ctrl-U] →Checks the selected object. This selection performs the same function as the Check Spelling of Object button.

After selecting on of the above, the Spell Checking window will appear (below). When a misspelled word is encountered, an author may choose to:

  • Ignore the selected word or all its instances
  • Change the selected word or all its instances
  • Add the word to the dictionary

When changing a misspelled word, the Change to box must be set to the correct spelling either by selecting the suggested spelling in the Suggestions box or by typing it in directly.

If the spell checker does not encounter a misspelled word or if all misspelled words have been checked, then a pop-up window will state 'Spell Checking is complete'.

Editing the Dictionary

To add a word to the spell-check dictionary Authors may:

  • Click on the Add button on the Spell Checking window
  • Select Tools→Spelling→Edit Dictionary

An example of the Edit Dictionary form is shown below.

Note: Once added to the dictionary, a word can also be later deleted by selecting it and then clicking Delete on the Edit Dictionary form.

Dictionaries other than the standard English one are also available for use within the Builder. However, these dictionaries need to be purchased separately. If you wish to be able to spell check in a language other than English and would like more information on these dictionaries, please contact your local EASA Support Representative or send an E-mail to

Spelling Preferences

Authors also have the ability to set certain preferences applied during spell checking. These preferences are set by selecting Tools→Spelling Preferences. The preferences available on the Spelling Preferences form are shown below.

Note: The Builder spell-check supports the US, UK and Canadian variants of the English language.

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