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Introduction to EASA

EASA® gives you access to a proprietary library of applications over your Intranet. With EASA, you don't have to learn new software to easily get answers to problems which are frequently encountered within your organization. These simple Web-enabled applications, published by specialists, drive a variety of underlying software packages or in-house codes. Thus EASA allows your enterprise to capture the experience and knowledge that your specialists have in applying complex software, and to deploy it across your Intranet.

Using EASA

An EASA User has two main tasks:

  • Running an EASA application called an EASAP
  • Viewing results from an EASAP run

The tools to perform these tasks are located in the five menus provided on the EASA web pages' menu bar:

Introduction to an EASAP

Using an EASAP for a Multiple Run Study

An EASAP has the powerful ability to automatically vary inputs over a range of values and generate multiple case runs following a single EASAP submit. In using this capability, you may have the choice of either specifying explicitly a set of cases, or instead specifying a desired result and letting EASA vary the inputs and iterate automatically.

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