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Workspace Menu‌

As you use EASAPs, you will want to save copies of your EASAP settings as a record of your work and for retrieval for future runs. The EASA→User→Workspace→My Workspace menu provides access to the location where EASA stores your saved EASAP runs.

My Workspace‌

The My Workspace selection under the Workspace menu takes you to the page containing a table of your saved EASAPs. The figure below provides an example of the table found in My Workspace.

Table of Saved EASAPs‌

The table of saved EASAPs has the following five columns:

  • File - User submitted name for an EASAP run when Save icon is clicked ( )
  • Last Modified - Date and time the EASAP was last saved
  • File Type - EASAP title
  • Open - Clicking on Open button ( ) opens saved EASAP run or file
  • Delete - Clicking on Delete button ( ) deletes saved EASAP run or file

Note: The Open and Delete buttons correspond to your saved runs of an EASAP and do not affect the original versions stored in the Applications Library.

This table will display a specified number of EASAP runs or files to a page, which is set under EASA→Preferences. If you have more than this number of saved EASAP runs or files, additional pages will be created. You will be able to navigate amoungst the various pages of your table by using the numbered links that will be displayed below your table.

Clicking on the Fileor File Type column headings alphabetically orders rows according to those columns (toggle→ascending/descending), clicking Last Modified toggles chronological ordering (ascending/descending).

Searching for EASAPs‌

Beyond just looking at the table’s contents directly, another way to find the EASAP for which you are looking is to use the Search capability provided above the table display on the My Workspace page. You can search for content in each of the first three columns, File, Last Modified and File Type, by typing the search text in the text box next to the Search button and then clicking on the Search button.

To once again view the entire table of your saved EASAPs, click on the Reset button.

Recycle Bin‌

The saved EASAPs or files that you delete from the table on the My Workspace page are not removed from the system immediately. These ‘deleted’ EASAPs first go to a recycle bin that can be accessed by selecting Recycle Bin under the Workspace menu.

On the EASA→User→Workspace→Recycle Bin page, you will see a table that is very similar to the table found in My Workspace. The only difference is a new last column called Restore, in place of the Open column. Clicking on a Restore button ( ) in this column will ‘restore’ the EASAP back to the My Workspace table where it can be opened once again.

Note: Clicking on a Delete button in the Recycle Bin table will completely remove the saved EASAP or file from the system. Again, only your saved copy of an EASAP will be deleted, while the original version stored in the Applications Library will not be affected.

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