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Practical Session 1

Database Tutorial

This tutorial should take approximately 2 hours to complete.

Practical Sessions

This tutorial is broken down into the following practical sessions:

  • Session 1: EASA Server Configuration [about 20 min]
  • Session 2: Getting Started with the EASAP [about 10 min]
  • Session 3: Building the User Interface [about 20 min]
  • Session 4: Processing Object Data [about 10 min]
  • Session 5: Processing Events and Performing Actions [about 30 min]
  • Session 6: Putting Results in an Excel Spreadsheet [about 10 min]
  • Session 7: Generating a Report [about 15 min]
  • Session 8: Testing and Publishing the EASAP [about 10 min]


Your organization uses one or more databases, which contain information that users frequently need to query and filter, and in some cases to create and save reports. There is therefore a need to create a dedicated web application which authorized users may access from any location or device.

However, simply creating a web application to filter the database is not sufficient – users need to be able to export the results to an existing reporting tool, in this case a Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet. The web application must therefore automate the process, ensure error-free usage, and enable users to share results with their colleagues.

Tutorial Summary

You will develop an EASA application, or EASAP, that interacts with both a Microsoft® Access database and a Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet. The EASAP will be a Stock Screening tool, which allows the user to search a database of stocks. A snapshot of the EASAP that you will build is shown below:

The EASAP user interface will include filters and queries to let users refine their stock searches within the Access database. Users will then have the option to store the results of their searches in an Excel report. This tutorial provides step- by-step instructions to guide you from start to finish.

As you build your application, think about how this could be applied to databases and processes which exist within your organization.

Note: This tutorial is designed for use with an EASA Server computer that is running under Windows. If your EASA Server is running under Linux, then please contact our support personnel at to make arrangements for receiving a Linux server compatible version of the tutorial.

Tutorial Files

The files that you need to complete the tutorial are listed below. Copy them to a location on your computer for use later in the tutorial.

File Name Description
StockData.mdb MS Access database containing the stock data to be accessed
Results.xls MS Excel spreadsheet in which to store search results generated
Stock.jpg Selection image or “thumbnail” for EASAP
report_body.html Template HTML file for report generated by EASAP
EASAlogo.jpg Banner image located within report_body.html
read_StockData.txt Text file containing an SQL query to read data from the database

Practical Session 1

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