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 ====== Authoring Tutorials ====== ====== Authoring Tutorials ======
-This page contains information on how to get started ​with authoring EASAPsThe Step-by-step tutorials ​assume the reader is already familiar with the General Steps of Authoring found below.+To get started ​as an EASAP **Author**:​ 
 +  * Read [[wiki:​tutorials:​general]]. 
 +  * Follow one of the step-by-step tutorialsbelow.
-**Bold** denotes an EASAP object.+To save time, the parameter values listed in the tutorials may be entered into the parameter fields of the **Builder** by using Windows'​ **Copy** (**CTRL-c**) from the browser and then  **Paste** (**CTRL-v**) in the **Builder**.
-‘Single quote marks’ denote input (either typed or selected from a pop up). +----
- +
-''​Highlight''​ denotes a filename or a file system path. +
-===== How to Use the Tutorials ===== +
- +
-The page containing information about basic actions regarding the creation of an EASAP: +
- +
-  * [[wiki:​tutorials:​general|General steps of Authoring]] +
- +
-==== Copying and Pasting Inputs ==== +
- +
-Most of the inputs mentioned in the Step-by-Step tutorials below can be copy-pasted to the EASAP **Builder** tool with the exception of values with special characters in it (e.g. there are a few ones that include the quote sign "). These can still be copy-pasted to the **Builder** tool but will fail to evaluate until the special characters are retyped after pasting.+
 ===== Step-by-step Tutorials ===== ===== Step-by-step Tutorials =====
-Detailed and pictured ​tutorials ​about creating EASAPs with broad selection ​of EASA functionality:​+Illustrated ​tutorials ​to demonstrate ​varied cross-section ​of EASAP functionality:​
-  ​[[wiki:​tutorials:​excel|Excel Tutorial]]\\ \\  +  ​[[wiki:​tutorials:​excel|Excel Tutorial ​(Excel Range Wizard EASAP)]] 
-  ​[[wiki:​tutorials:​database:​start|Database Tutorial]]\\ \\  +  ​[[wiki:​tutorials:​database:​start|Database Tutorial]] 
-  ​[[wiki:​tutorials:​introbatch:​start|Introductory Batch Tutorial]]\\ \\  +  ​[[wiki:​tutorials:​introbatch:​start|Introductory Batch Tutorial]] 
-  ​[[wiki:​tutorials:​advancedbatch:​start|Advanced Batch Tutorial]]+  ​[[wiki:​tutorials:​advancedbatch:​start|Advanced Batch Tutorial]]
-To complete these tutorials, first check with your **Administrator** that you have a user ID with **Author** privileges. 

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