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Guide Section: Processing Events and Performing Actions | EASAP Tree: EVENT PROCESSING Branch

CONTACT DETAILS returns details of the user account currently using an EASAP. There are three specific contact details of the user account that can be returned, and these are as follows:

  • The e-mail address
  • The login name or user name
  • The full name of the user
  • TRUE or FALSE depending on whether a user is associated with the user group specified under “In User Group”

The information provided in CONTACT DETAILS can be used to annotate the reporting of results from an EASAP or to send an e-mail notification to user.

The availability of the full name and the e-mail address for a user depends on whether one of your EASA administrators has added this information to the user’s account on EASA.

Details such as login name will be unavailable to the PROCESSES branch in Testing mode.

Essential Parameters:
Type:Select type of detail (Email, Full Name, Login Name, In User Group)
Optional Parameters:
In User Group:Drop down list of available user groups on this system.