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Guide Section: Generating Reports and Output | EASAP Tree: OUTPUT Branch

DATA allows data to be displayed within the rows of a RESULTS TABLE. Data is entered into the Value: parameter through a combination of typed characters and DORs.

Additionally the Value: parameter may act as a hyperlink to a file to be viewed or downloaded. The name of this file should be put in the Link to File: parameter.

Note: The file referenced in the Link to File: parameter must either be: uploaded into the EASAP folder or generated by the underlying software applications.

Essential Parameters:
Title:Title to be displayed to the left of Value: in a RESULTS TABLE
Optional Parameters:
Value:Data value to be displayed in right column in a RESULTS TABLE.
Data can consist of text and DORs.
Delimiter:Character to act as delimiter in DORs in Value: and Link to File: parameters. default→%
Link to File:Name of file to be opened or downloaded when Value: is clicked on as hyperlink.
DORs allowed
Show if:Logical expression, if TRUE then data shown, if FALSE then data NOT shown

Tip: HTML can be used in setting the Title: parameter, thus allowing a greater control over the formatting of the text in the RESULTS TABLE.