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Guide Section: GUI of an EASAP | EASAP Tree: USER INTERFACE Branch

A DATA TABLE is a dynamically sized table of INPUTBOX's that may be connected to underlying software as necessary. It also may have a custom HEADER as a Child.

Optional Parameters:
Show if:Logical expression, if TRUE then box shown, if FALSE then box NOT shown
Style:A reference to a USER INTERFACE STYLE that controls the visual appearance of this objects background
Insert Rows:If set to YES, a plus sign will appear at the end of each row. Clicking the sign will append a new row under the sign. (default→NO, YES)
Delete Rows:If set to YES, an X sign will appear at the end of each row. Clicking the sign will remove the row with the sign. (default→NO, YES)
Maximum Rows Per Page:If the number of rows is higher than this integer they are going to be split into pages and a page selector will appear under the Data Table. default→50
Display Rows Per Page Selector:If set to YES, a drop-down menu will appear with preset numbers to modify the Maximum Rows Per Page: parameter in runtime. Setting this option to NO will hide the selector. default→YES
Connected Explicit List:The list specified here will be connected to the INPUTBOX LIST of the DATA TABLE.
Connection Type:The connection can be READ ONLY or READ AND WRITE

The DATA TABLE has the following Child objects:

Object Name Description
HEADERAppears above the INPUTBOX's.
INPUTBOX LISTRepresents a column that will appear in the DATA TABLE.
SPACERUsed to add vertical or horizontal space between objects.