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Data Validation

Object The Data Validation object is a child of the Input box object. It defines what data is allowed to be entered by users into its parent Input box object. Like the Input box object, the set of available parameters is dynamic, and in the case of the Data Validation object, the visible parameters change based on the setting of both the essential Allow and optional Data parameters. The available data types for the Allow parameter and their effects on the Data Validation object are shown below.

If you set the Allow parameter to any value except for ‘List’, the optional Data parameter will appear and based on the value selected for it, further parameters will appear. The value of the Data parameter is selected from a list of data restrictions. Here is a listing of the restrictions and the additional parameters that will appear:

  • between: Minimum and Maximum parameters
  • not between: Minimum and Maximum parameters
  • equal to: Value parameter
  • not equal to: Value parameter
  • greater than: Value parameter
  • greater than or equal to: Value parameter
  • less than: Value parameter
  • less than or equal to: Value parameter
Data Validation
Essential Parameters:
AllowSelect criteria by which to allow Data. See list above for choices.
Optional Parameters:
Ignore BlankSelect whether to validate blank or empty values in the input box. [Choices: TRUE, FALSE / Default = TRUE]
DataSelect the data restriction type. [Choices listed below]
Date Input TypeSelect the type of date input. [Choices= Calendar, Calendar with Button, Manual]
Auto ResizeControls whether the drop-down list should be resized automatically to fit the longest item on screen or appear with the fixed default length.
SourceSpecify list of valid values when Allow parameter is set to ‘List’ [DORs allowed]
DelimiterCharacter to act as delimiter in DORs. Replaces default of %. [e.g. ?, !]
Data Parameter Choices
Data Type Effect Optional Parameters
Any ValueThere is no restriction to what might be entered.Ignore Blank
DateDate data types may be entered according to the Pattern parameter of the parent Inputbox object.Ignore Blank
Date Input Type
DecimalForces data entered to be a real number.Ignore Blank
ListForces users to select from a list of values as defined in the Source parameter.Ignore Blank
Auto Resize
Text LengthRestricts data entered to a specified number of characters. Data parameter will become visible. Value of Data parameter will either show the Date parameter or the Minimum and Maximum parameters.Ignore Blank
Whole numberForces data entered to be an integer.Ignore Blank

Note: To enter dates manually into the Input Box, set it’s Input Type parameter to DateTime, the Allow parameter of the child Data Validation to Date and finally the Date Input Type to Manual.