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Guide Section: Coupling To Software Applications | EASAP Tree: Processes

EMAIL will send an email message to one or more Users following an EASAP submission.

Two typical cases are to:

  • Notify a user that their submission has completed, and
  • Provide some results data to the user.

Email Address: may be either:

  • An object reference to a user completed field
  • A CONTACT DETAILS object with Type:→Email

An object reference in Subject: or Body: allows dynamic content.

A single file name in Attachment: is allowed.

A multiple run EASAP submission may require Multirun Behaviour:→'Send Once When Finished' to limit email volume.

The types of multiple run submissions allowed in an EASAP are described in detail in Parametric Study Capability in EASAPs

EMAIL requires an EASA Server be configured to send email through a designated SMTP Server, see Enable Email in EASA.

Essential Parameters:
Email Address:Email address of message recipient, object references allowed
Subject:Subject of message, object references allowed
Optional Parameters:
Body:Message content, object reference allowed
Attachment:File name to attach to message
From Address:Email address to use as from or reply address on message
Multirun Behaviour:Select action for multiple run submission. default→Send None, Send All, Send Once When Finished
On Error:Controls whether subsequent actions and processes should run, if there is an error sending the email. default→CONTINUE, STOP
Send if:Logical expression, if TRUE then send message, if FALSE then do NOT send message
Delimiter:Character to delimit an object reference in Email Address:, Subject: or Body: