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Guide Section: Processing Events and Performing Actions | EASAP Tree: EVENT PROCESSING Branch

EXPORT TO PDF creates PDF representations of a certain part of a spreadsheet. When the ACTION is triggered, an image of the current state inside the specified range will be created and saved as a PDF document to the EASAP files. Optionally, the resulting document can be opened as it is created in a new browser window.

Essential Parameters:
Spreadsheet:The SPREADSHEET that points to the actual spreadsheet.
OutputFileName:Name of the file to be created should end in '.pdf'
Optional Parameters:
Open In Browser:If 'TRUE', it opens the PDF document in a web browser window when it is created, otherwise its 'FALSE'.
Type:Specify the scope of the source in the spreadsheet. ('SINGLE', 'MULTI RANGES', and 'MULTI SHEETS AND RANGES')
Delimiter:Character to act as delimiter in DORs in Value: parameter. default→%
Sheet:Source sheet for Ranges: if Type is 'MULTI RANGES', select a sheet for use with Ranges:
Sheets:Source sheet for Ranges: if Type is 'MULTI SHEETS AND RANGES', then use a comma delimited list of the same length as the list in Ranges:
Ranges:A list of comma separated cell ranges to be pictured in the PDF. DORS are allowed.
Do if:Logical expression, if 'FALSE' then action NOT performed, otherwise 'TRUE'.


  • The Ranges: parameter does not support overlapping ranges. If any range specified has any part of it inside a previous range in the list it will be skipped.
  • This object makes use of Excel's own PDF export functionality, which exists since Office 2007 SP3. If upgrading Office 2007 to SP3 is not possible, the PDF functionality can be obtained by installing the official Microsoft Save as PDF update for Excel 2007.

  • This object is affected by the operating system's DPI setting, meaning that if there are different DPI setting in place for the server and the client computer then the resulting images' size can appear mismatched or out of proportion.

  • If EXPORT TO PDF returns a 'Server Error' adjust the default printer in Windows to 'Microsoft XPS Document Writer' or 'Microsoft Print to PDF' instead of a physical printer.