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Guide Section: Coupling To Software Applications | EASAP Tree: PROCESSES

Another object that can be used to minimize disk usage in EASA is a FILE MANAGEMENT object. A FILE MANAGEMENT is a sibling to a PROCESS. The following file management actions can be performed with this object:

  • Deleting
  • Copying
  • Moving
  • Compressing
  • Uncompressing
Essential Parameters:
Type:Select type of file action (Compress, Copy, Delete, Move, Uncompress)
Original File or Folder:File or folder on which to perform action.
'Compress'→Name of compressed archive file.
'Uncompress'→Name of folder containing uncompressed files.
Optional Parameters:
New File or Folder:New file or folder to be destination of actions: Copy, Move, Compress, Uncompress
Do if:Logical expression, if TRUE then perform action, if FALSE then do NOT perform action

Note: Files or folders compressed using the 'Compress' function of FILE MANAGEMENT are stored in a .zip format. It is the decision of the author whether or not to include a .zip file extension for the compressed files, so that they may be opened outside of EASA.