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Guide Section: Processing Object Data | EASAP Tree: DATA PROCESSING Branch

FORMAT performs number formatting on numerical SCALAR DOR values.

FORMAT can be used to format numbers as percentages or currencies. It can display thousand separators or fix the number of decimal places to be shown.

Essential Parameters:
Value:Select the SCALAR DOR value to format
Optional Parameters:
Value on Error:Value to be returned in the event of an error
Input Type:Type of formatting. (default→Number, Currency, Percentage, Datetime)
Decimal Places:Number of decimal places the formatted number should show
Thousand Separator:Set only on ‘Number’ input type. Sets whether a thousand separator is added to the displayed value. (default→FALSE, TRUE)
Currency Symbol:Set only on ‘Currency’ input type. Sets the currency symbol to be shown beside the value. (default→$, £, €, ¥)
Input Pattern:The pattern to be formatted. Only available if Input Type: is 'Datetime'. If Value: doesn't match pattern, output will be corrupted.
Output Pattern:The pattern to be produced. Only available if Input Type: is 'Datetime'. If left empty output will be corrupted.