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Guide Section: Processing Events and Performing Actions | EASAP Tree: EVENT PROCESSING Branch / PROCESSES Branch

IMAGE EXCEL ACTION extracts images from an Excel spreadsheet. Use this action in conjunction with an IMAGE's Image From Action: parameter, in the DIAGRAM LIST on the Tree.

Additionally setting a file name in the Upload Image Name: parameter will create an image file (.jpg,.bmp, .png). The image file will be uploaded to the EASA Server for storage in the results folder when the EASAP is submitted.

There are two approaches to extract an image from a SPREADSHEET.

  1. Select an existing chart in the spreadsheet using the Spreadsheet: and Chart: parameters
  2. Select a range of cells either via a NAMED RANGE or 'Cell Range' to screen capture using the Sheet: and Range: parameters.

If the image extracted does not appear the desired size within your diagram, you can use the Scale: parameter to change the image’s size.


  • If a range is not set in the 2nd method, then an image capture of the full screen is extracted.
  • If you specify both the Spreadsheet and Sheet parameters or both the Chart and Range parameters, you will encounter an error message since the two methods of defining an image are mutually exclusive.
  • The image size is impacted by the DPI setting on the Excel Server under properties/settings/advanced under Start→Control Panel→Settings tab and then clicking on the 'Advanced' button.
  • IMAGE EXCEL ACTION will save the image in three different file types: .png, .bmp or .jpg by default. Use the filename extension to specify the format. For example Upload Image Name:'test.png’ will create an image file of type .png.
  • IMAGE EXCEL ACTION is affected by the operating system's DPI setting, meaning that if there are different DPI settings in place for the server and the client computer then the resulting images' size can appear mismatched or out of proportion.
  • Excel 2016 has a limitation of 125 rows, this ACTION will silently fail above this.

Essential Parameters: (PROCESSES branch only)
File Name:Filename of the image file, the extension determines the type of image file (.png,.bmp, .jpg)
Optional Parameters:
Sheet:Select SHEET from a list as image source
Chart:Select a CHART from a list in SPREADSHEET
Range:NAMED RANGE or Cell Reference in SHEET to capture as screenshot (Cell Reference format cell1:cell2B6:G31)
Scale:Scale factor to apply to image size captured from Excel spreadsheet. Should be greater than 0.0 and usually less than 1.0.
Delimiter:Character to act as delimiter in DORs in Range: (default→%)
Do if:Logical expression if 'FALSE' then action NOT performed, otherwise 'TRUE'.
Queue:Set to TRUE to avoid running out of of free Excel processes