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Guide Section: Diagramming | EASAP Tree: DIAGRAM LIST

Poly-lines, or a series of connected line segments, are created using the LINE. The LINE object can be made dynamic by using expressions for the coordinates of its vertices, which are defined in the Points: parameter.

Tip: The use of DORs in the Points: parameter referencing LIST's containing X and Y coordinate values is a powerful way to define your LINE. These LIST's are typically generated using an INTERLEAVE.

Essential Parameters:
Points:List of end point coordinates: x1,y1,x2,y2,… Two points are minimum requirement. DORs and Expressions allowed
Line Style:Select line style from list.
Optional Parameters:
Show if:Logical expression, if FALSE then line NOT shown else default→TRUE
Transform:Select one or more transforms from those available. Order selected is order applied.
Delimiter:Character to act as the delimiter in DORs in Points: parameter.