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Guide Section: Diagramming | EASAP Tree: DIAGRAM LIST / OUTPUT Branch

LINE DATA specifies line data to be plotted on the 2D GRAPH.

The line data consists of the X and Y values each in LIST's. Additional options include line style, symbol shape, color and legend label.

Note: LINE DATA requires the LIST's for X and Y values have the same number of values.

Essential Parameters:
X Values: LIST containing horizontal coordinate (abscissa) values
Y Values: LIST containing vertical coordinate (ordinate) values
Optional Parameters:
Line Style:Select line style (default→SOLID, MARK_LINE, MARK)
Symbol:Select mark symbol (default→PLUS, X, PLUS, TRIANGLE)
Color:Select line color from palette
Label:When a LEGEND is present it uses this Label:

Note: One LINE DATA is required per line to be plotted, and more than one LINE DATA object may be used per 2D GRAPH.