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Guide Section: Diagramming | EASAP Tree: DIAGRAM LIST

A LINE STYLE defines a particular style of line for use in a DIAGRAM. Line properties such as thickness, color and solid or dashed are set using LINE STYLE.

A LINE STYLE is used in another DIAGRAM by setting the value of the Line Style: parameter to one of the existing LINE STYLE objects.

A 'solid 1.0 pt. thick, black line' is used by default for Line Style: parameters.

Essential Parameters:
Line Thickness:Thickness of line in pixels, best to use a whole number
Color:Color palette will pop-up to select line color
Optional Parameters:
Transparency:Set transparency between 0.0 and 1.0, where fully-transparent→0.0 and opaque→1.0 (default)
Miter Limit:The limit in pixels to trim a miter join—usually between 0 and 5.
Dash:Space between dashes in pixels and width of dash in pixels (e.g. 5,10 is five pixel spacing, ten pixel dash width). default is a solid line.
Cap:Set the style at the ends of a line. (default→Square, Round, Butt)
Join:Set the style of line intersections (default→Bevel, Miter, Round)]