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Guide Section: Processing Object Data | EASAP Tree: DATA PROCESSING Branch

LIST DOR VALUE stores a list of values. A common reason for using a LIST DOR VALUE is to act as a storage location for a list of values generated by a CUSTOM ACTION. In this case, the values typed in its Value: parameter acts as a set of default values to be later overwritten during the execution of the CUSTOM ACTION. In addition, the value of a LIST DOR VALUE can be linked to a range of cells in an Excel spreadsheet by setting the Range Reference: parameter to a RANGE REFERENCE or a NAMED RANGE.

Note: Expressions are not allowed in the Value: parameter, so this object is not similar in function to a REPEATED COMPUTE.

List DOR Value
Essential Parameters:
Value:Value of object. No expression allowed.
Optional Parameters:
Separator:Separator character used to split the Value: string into a list. default→<comma>
Range Reference:Select NAMED RANGE's or existing RANGE REFERENCE's to link value to cells in an Excel spreadsheet