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Guide Section: Diagramming | EASAP Tree: DIAGRAM LIST

OVAL creates ellipses and circles. To specify an oval, you need to use one of two methods:

  • Specify in Radii: one radius for a circle or two radii for and ellipse and an origin for the center.
  • Specify in Size: a rectangular size (width,height) in which the oval will fit and an origin for the lower left corner.

The first radius is parallel to the horizontal axis of the screen and the second radius is parallel to the vertical axis. This orientation can be modified by a rotational transformation under the Transform: parameter.

Essential Parameters:
Origin:Point coordinates at center of oval for Radii method or lower left corner of rectangle for Size: method: x0,y0
Optional Parameters:
Show if:Logical expression, if FALSE then shape NOT shown else default→TRUE
Fill Style:Select fill style from list (default→Opaque, Black)
Line Style:Select line style from list (default→Transparent)
Radii:Radii along X and Y axis, respectively: r1,r2. You can use just r1 for a circle.
Size:Width and height of rectangle enclosing oval: width,height
Transform:Select one or more transforms from list. Order selected is order applied.