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Guide Section: Coupling To Software Applications | EASAP Tree: PROCESSES

STOP defines a complete mechanism for stopping the EASAP and all of its PROCESS's.

First give the stopping mechanism a name by filling the Text: parameter of the STOP. Next select a default stopping action for any process that is not covered by a STOP PROCESS. The choices are:

  • Default kill-type stop specified in the Compute Server configuration, or
  • Allow the process run to completion.

Finally, add one or more Child STOP PROCESS's to specify the special stopping methods for an individual PROCESS. When a STOP has been defined within an EASAP, the 'Stop' () button on the My Results pages behaves differently. If the EASAP only contains one STOP, the user is taken to a page to confirm the 'Stop', and the text specified in the Text: parameter is displayed above the 'Stop' button there. If the EASAP contains two or more STOP's then when the user is taken to the stop confirmation page, there is an additional step of clicking on the radio button next to the text the desired stopping mechanism before clicking the STOP button.

Essential Parameters:
Text:Text displayed on Stop Confirmation page when user stops an EASAP submission
Default Stop Action:Select default stop action for processes not covered by a Stop Process object [Choices= Allow Process to Complete, Kill Simulation]