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The USER INTERFACE branch is the Parent of the building blocks for the GUI of any EASAP as well as some functional properties. has a set of optional parameters that can be used to control various components of an EASAP’s user interface:

  • Actions within the Menubar and the Toolbar,
  • Behavior of the submission process,
  • Presence of confirmation pop-ups, and
  • User interface look and feel, e.g. banner and footer area, skin, and spreadsheet look.

Table of properties:

Optional Parameters:
Show Toolbar:Set whether Toolbar is displayed on EASAP GUI (default→True, False)
Show Confirm on Submit:Set whether pop-up confirmation box is displayed on submitting EASAP (default→True, False)
Results Time:Specify time in seconds to wait between checking if results are completed
Banner Image:An image to display across the top of the application
Footer Image:An image to display across the bottom of the application
Default Skin:Allows the author to specify the default skin for the application when opened by the HTML Client.
Show DORs:This list of DORs are going to be displayed automatically when the EASAP is launched with the Analyse EASAP option.
Visual Compatibility:Empty field means no changes to the EASAP. Spreadsheet option will make it imitate Excel while the Spreadsheet (Legacy) option will use previous versions to imitate Excel. This setting is used by the Excel Range Wizard and should not be modified in most cases, default→No

Note: Be careful when reducing the time interval for the Results Time parameter. Smaller time values may make your EASAP appear more responsive, but they will also increase the load on your EASA Server computer.

USER INTERFACE has many Child Objects listed here.