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Reference List of Default Units

The below table details every unit available for use in the construction of an EASAP under the Default Units object.

Note: the ‘Base unit’ row for every Dimensional Group is bolded in the second column.

Dimensional Group Unit Name Conversion Factor
Length m
cm 100.
mm 1000.
in 39.37008
ft 3.280839
Mass kg
mg 1.0e+6
g 1000.
lb 2.2046225
tonne 0.0001
ton (US) 1.102311e-3
ton (non-US) 0.984207e-3
slug 0.06852177
Time s
min 1.666666666667e-2
hr 2.777777777778e-4
day 1.157407407407e-5
Angle rad
° 57.2957795146
rev 0.159154943
Temperature K
C B2U: value-273.15
U2B: value+273.15
F B2U: (1.8*value)-459.67
U2B: (value+459.67)/1.8
R B2U: 1.8*value
U2B: value/1.8
Long Length m
km 0.001
mile 6.213712e-4
n.mile 5.39957e-4
Area m^2
in^2 1550.0031
ft^2 10.7639104
Large Area m^2
mile^2 3.861007e-7
acre 2.471044e-4
Volume m^3
cm^3 1.0e+6
litre 1000.
in^3 6.1023744e+4
ft^3 35.31467
gallon (US) 264.17204
gallon (non-US) 219.9688
Velocity m/s
km/hr 3.6
ft/s 3.280840
mph 2.236936
Angular Velocity rad/s
rpm 9.5492966
Acceleration m/s^2
ft/s^2 3.280840
in/s^2 39.37008
Force N
kN 0.001
lbf 0.2248089
kip 2.248089e-4
kgf 0.101971621
Energy J
MJ 1.0e-6
kW-hr 2.777778e-7
lbf-ft 0.7375621
kgf-m 0.101971621
cal 0.2390057
Btu 9.4845165e-4
Power W
kW 1.0e-3
MW 1.0e-6
Btu/hr 3.414425
cal/s 0.2390057
HP 1.341024e-3
kgf-m/s 0.101971621
lbf-ft/s 0.7375621
Mass per Unit Length kg/m
lb/ft 0.671969
lb/in 0.0559974
Force per Unit Length N/m
lbf/ft 0.0685218
kip/ft 6.85218e-5
lbf/in 0.00571015
Stress N/m^2
kPa 1.0e-3
MPa 1.0e-6
ksi 1.450377e-7
lbf/ft^2 0.0208854
kgf/mm^2 0.101972e-6
Pressure Pa
kPa 1.0e-3
MPa 1.0e-6
bar 1.0e-5
atm 9.869233e-6
psi 1.450377e-4
mm H2O 0.101974
in H2O 4.018646e-3
mm Hg Torr 7.50062e-3
in Hg 2.96133971e-4
Mass Flow kg/s
g/s 1000.
lb/s 2.2046225
lb/h 7936.643
Volume Flow m^3/s
ft^3/s 35.31467
cfm 2118.880
gpm (US) 15850.32
gpm (non-US) 13198.128
gal/s (US) 264.17126
gal/s (non-US) 219.9688
Density kg/m^3
g/cm^3 0.001
lb/in^3 3.612730E-5
lb/ft^3 0.06242797
Dynamic Viscosity Pa-s
lb/ft-s 0.67196895
poise 10.
cP 1000.
kgf-s/m^2 0.101972
lbf-s/ft^2 0.0208854
Kinematic Viscosity m^2/s
St 1.0e+4
cSt 1.0e+6
in^2/s 1550.0031
ft^/s 10.76391
Surface Tension N/m
dyne/cm 1000.
lbf/ft 0.0685218
lb-f/in 0.00571015
Second Moment of Area m^4
cm^4 1.0e+8
mm^4 1.0e+12
in^4 2.4025e+6
ft^4 115.862
Moment of Inertia kg-m^2
kg-mm^2 1.0e+6
lb-ft^2 23.7304
lb-in^2 3417.18
Moment - Torque N-m
lbf-in 0.737562
lbf-ft 8.850745
Heat Flow Rate W (J/s)
cal/s 0.238846
kcal/h 0.859845
Btu/h 3.41214
Calorific Value J/kg
kcal/kg 2.38846e-4
Btu/lb 4.29923e-4
Specific Heat J/kg-K
kcal/kg-C 2.38846e-4
Btu/lb-F 2.38846e-4
Thermal Conductivity W/m-K
cal/s-cm-C 0.00238846
Btu/h-ft-F 0.577789
Thermal Conductance W/m^2-K
cal/m^2-s-C 0.238846
kcal/m^2-h-C 0.859845
Btu/ft^2-h-F 0.17611