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Creating Multiple Run Submissions‌

When multiple run submissions have been enabled for an INPUTBOX, the Specify Range button (Parametric Settings Form) will appear on the user interface to the right of the box. Click on this button to modify the range settings for the INPUTBOX.

Note: Adding multiple run capability to an EASAP is optional for its author. Therefore, if this capability is not present within the EASAP that you are using and you would benefit from it being there, then you should contact the EASAP’s author to request that the multiple run capability be added.

Parametric Settings Form

The Parametric Settings form allows you to enter values for multiple run submissions in the form of a List Range. An example of the Parametric Settings form is shown below.

Parametric Settings

In order to enable an INPUTBOX for multiple run submissions, you must first click the ‘Enable’ radio button at the top-right of the Parametric Settings form. When enabled, the INPUTBOX will allow for List Range multiple run submissions in the form of a comma-separated list of values entered into the text area of the Values tab.

Multiple Input Values

Another feature of the Parametric Settings form is the ability to view information about List Range values from many parametric input objects in a single table. The All Values tab provides a convenient overview of the runs to be submitted and respective INPUTBOX values for each. Its functionality is equivalent to the List Range Data Form found in EASA Client mode. An example of the 'All Values' tab is shown below.

Parametric Values

Note: Successful use of multiple parametric Inputbox objects depends on all List Ranges being equal in length.

Maximum Number of Runs

Additionally, an EASAP can have a limit on the number of runs that can be submitted at one time. If you specify a multiple run submission of an EASAP that exceeds this limit, then you will receive a pop-up error message when you hit the submit button.