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EASA Menu‌

The EASA menu is located on the far left of the EASA menu bar and it may contain the following six menu selections:

  • Log In / Log Out
  • Change Password
  • Install Client
  • Preferences
  • News

The EASA→Log In selection takes you to the Logging in to EASA page and the EASA→Install Client selection takes you to the Installing EASA Client page.

Logging Out‌

When you are logged in to EASA, the Log Out selection appears under the EASA menu in place of Log In. Upon selecting Log Out, you are taken to the Logging out of EASA page in EASA. To log out of EASA, all you need to do is click on the Log Out button.

Note: You will not be logged out of EASA by just exiting from your browser. You must log out explicitly using the Log Out selection under the EASA menu. However, EASA will log you out automatically after a certain time of inactivity, which is usually set to 30 minutes.

It is good practice to log out when you are done using EASA since you are allowed to log in from only one computer at a time. This restriction will cause you to get an error message when you try to log in to EASA from a new computer, and you have forgotten to log out at the previous computer. However, the error message should tell you where you are currently logged in, so that you can go to that computer and log out.

Your User License‌

EASA is a licensed software product that controls the number of users allowed to access the system simultaneously. Therefore, your organization will likely have available a finite number of user licenses. When you log in to EASA, you are making use of one of these user licenses, and conversely, when you log out of EASA, you free up the user license by default.

Note: However, if all user licenses are currently being used by other people when you attempt to log in, you will not be allowed to log in and you will have to wait until someone logs out.

Changing your Password‌

  • Select EASA→Change Password
  • Type in your old password in the Old Password box
  • Type the new password in the New Password box
  • Type new password again in the Confirm Password box
  • Click Change

Note: If you forget your password, you can contact one of the EASA administrators and they can reset your password for you. You can get a list of your EASA administrators when you select Support under the Help menu.

Install Client‌

You can download EASA Client for the Operating System of your choice under Install Client and set up Proxy Server Settings. Detailed steps are available on the Getting Started page.


Currently, there are two settings on the Preferences page under the EASA tab.

Client Preference‌

The first setting on the Preferences page allows you to select your preferred client for opening EASAPs. The current selections are between EASA Client and Web Browser.

Note: To open EASAPs using the EASA Client, it must be installed on your computer (See Installing the EASA Client). However, the same web browser software used to access the EASA web pages will be used to open EASAPs using the Web Browser client.

Rows per Table

The second setting is the preferred number of rows to display per page in the tables found on the web pages. You can change this setting by first selecting Preferences under the EASA menu, and then changing the number shown on the Preferences page.


The EASA→News page is where you can go to find out what is new about your organization’s EASA System. Administrators of EASA will post news items to this page. Individual news items will appear in the table shown on the News page. An example of the News page is shown below.

Occasionally, an administrator will need to contact users urgently. In these cases, a new browser window may automatically open on the News page for you to view Alert-type messages while you are logged in to EASA.