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Data Folder Migration

Following installation an EASA system resides in two folders:

  • <EASAROOT>→the 'installation folder', holds EASA’s core system files
  • <SERVERDATA>→ the 'data folder', holds user accounts, developed or published EASAP's and results data.

To change the installed name and location of the data folder without uninstalling/reinstalling the server follow the steps below:

  • Locate <SERVERDATA>
    • C:\Users\<USER>\EasaServerData (Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008)
    • C:\Documents and Settings\<USER>\EasaServerData ( Windows XP or Windows Server 2003)
  • Move the folder to a new destination
  • Rename, if necessary.
  • Modify the file below using a text editor:
    • <EASAROOT>/tomcat/conf/Catalina/Localhost/data.xml
  • Edit the following parameter in the <Context /> tag:
    • Update the value for docBase as appropriate:
      • docBase=''D:\EASA\MyNewEasaServerData'' path=''\data''
    • Save and close.
    • Start the EASA Server.

After a successful configuration change the EASA Server should start, all user data including EASAPs and results will remain intact in the <SERVERDATA> folder.