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   - Client computers (typically web browser enabled)   - Client computers (typically web browser enabled)
   - An **EASA Server**   - An **EASA Server**
-  - **Compute Servers**, database servers and **Excel Servers**+  - **Compute Servers**, database serversand **Excel Servers**
-Illustrated below is typical layout of EASA’s Three-Tier Architecture.+Illustrated below is typical layout of EASA’s Three-Tier Architecture.
 {{ :​wiki:​guides:​admins:​layoutpng.png?​nolink |}} {{ :​wiki:​guides:​admins:​layoutpng.png?​nolink |}}
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 ===== EASA Server ===== ===== EASA Server =====
-EASA software is installed on a central computer called an **EASA Server**.+An **EASA Server** ​is the central machine in an EASA  system.
 An **EASA Server**: An **EASA Server**: