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Material Property Database Example

In this example, the goal will be to extract a list of materials and their associated physical properties from a text file for use in a CHOICE LIST. The example material database file called “material.txt” is shown below.

The steps for accomplishing data extraction from a materials database in a text file are as follows:

  • Right-click tabbed_pane1
  • Right-click data_processing1→LIST
    • Select Child→Add EXTRACT (named extract1)
      • Set File: ‘material.txt’.
  • Right-click extract1
    • Select Child→Add REPEAT
  • For the Child FIND under the REPEAT by setting its parameters as shown below

  • Next, create a CHOICE LIST below the DATA PROCESSING above, and set its parameters as shown below.

In addition to populating the choices of the CHOICE LIST with the name data in mname (ie. 'Aluminum','Stainless Steel','Inconel','Titanium') the extracted property data of Ein and muin can be used as input data for the underlying software applications of the EASAP. An example of how this data can be applied is provided in Manipulating User Inputs.