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Guide Section: Diagramming | EASAP Tree: DIAGRAM LIST / OUTPUT Branch

A 2D GRAPH creates a plot from data stored within LIST's on the diagram pane of the USER INTERFACE or in the OUTPUT.

Line graphs are defined by specifying one or more Child LINE DATA objects to a 2D GRAPH.

Likewise, contour plots are defined by one or more Child CONTOUR DATA objects.

Besides the two Child data objects, LINE DATA and CONTOUR DATA, that can be added, there are three Child objects created automatically when a 2D GRAPH is created:

2D Graph
(No parameters)
Under OUTPUTOptional Parameters:
Width:Image width or initial plot window width in pixels.
Height:Image height or initial plot window height in pixels.
Link Image:Name of image file (.gif, .png, .jpg) to be used as thumbnail hyperlink.
Display:Select method for displaying graph. (default→Image, Interactive, Both)
Style:Select HTML Style for display of graph.
Show if:Logical expression, if TRUE then graph shown, if FALSE then graph NOT shown.
Child objects of 2D GRAPH
CONTOUR DATASpecifies contour data to be plotted
LEGENDActivates a legend on a graph.
LINE DATASpecifies line data to be plotted
TITLESpecifies the main and sub titles of a 2D GRAPH.
X AXISSpecifies the properties of the horizontal axis
Y AXISSpecifies the properties of the vertical axis

In reports, a 2D GRAPH is presented to a User in one of two ways:

  • As an image file similar to a PLOT object
  • The 2D GRAPH's TITLE with (optionally) a thumbnail as a link on the EASA→Results pages

The selection of the display method is controlled by the Display: parameter (Image or Interactive, respectively).

An example of a 2D GRAPH shown in a report as a link is shown below.

When displayed in Interactive link mode, a separate window will appear containing the line graph or contour plot upon on its link. An example of one of these graph windows is shown below.