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CUSTOM MULTI-LIST executes custom written Java code placed on the EASA Server to generate and which returns multiple LIST's of values.

A CUSTOM MULTI-LIST does not actually have an associated value and therefore cannot be used within DORs elsewhere.

The output of a CUSTOM MULTI-LIST is a set of new LIST's, whose names are either set directly by the custom code or by authors through new custom parameter values. The specific code that is accessed is determined by the selection of the code’s fully qualified class name as the value of the Class: parameter. For details on writing custom code for EASA, see Creating Custom Code using the EASA API.

Note: As with all custom objects, new parameters can appear for a CUSTOM MULTI-LIST once its Class: parameter has been selected. If coded properly, you can find out more about these new parameters by clicking on the parameter name and reviewing the Parameter Information displayed below the Parameter table.

Essential Parameters:
Class:Fully qualified class name of the custom code
Optional Parameters:
Type:Type of value (default→Text, Real, Integer)
Cache Type:Select when object value is cached (default→Automatic, None)