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Guide Section: Diagramming | EASAP Tree: DIAGRAM LIST

DIMENSION produces a special set of lines for illustrating a dimension as typically found on an engineering drawing. An example of a dimension line is shown below.

Essential Parameters:
Points:List of coordinates for the two end points of the dimension line: x1, y1, x2, y2. DORs and Expressions allowed
Line Style:Select line style from list
Optional Parameters:
Label:Label displayed on dimension line DORs allowed
Show if:Logical expression, if FALSE then line NOT shown else default→TRUE
Delimiter:Character to act as the delimiter in DORs in Points: and Label: parameters.

Tip: With dimension lines, use the following special expression for the Show if: parameter: 'focus==object' where object is an object name of a CHOICE LIST, REALBOX or INTEGERBOX. For more information, see Conditional Display.