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Below we describe an EXTRACT under a DATA PROCESSING.

When using EXTRACT under an EVENT PROCESSING, its Child FIND's will be explicit objects.

The Extract Tool automates the creation and configuration of:

  • FIND

See Extracting Data From Files.

EXTRACT is a Parent for objects that define data extraction from a text file or a SCALAR reference.

EXTRACT has two functions:

  1. To identify the source to extract data from either:
    • Path to a text file
    • Value from an SCALAR reference
  2. As a Parent to FIND and REPEAT.
  • More than one EXTRACT can be used per text file.
  • An EXTRACT represents a single pass through a text file.

A literal path in File: may point to any of the following:

  • The path of an existing uploaded file in the EASA folder
  • A file created from a submitted EASAP run within the PROCESSES branch
  • An existing FILE CHOICE which prompts for a file from the User
    • When specifying a FILE CHOICE object within an EXTRACT's File: parameter,
      • Do not use delimiters for the object name
      • The FILE CHOICE must have:
        • Path Type:→Full Path

Essential Parameters:
File:Data source (Literal text path, SCALAR reference or FILE CHOICE allowed)
Optional Parameters:
Type:Select data source type from which to extract data (default→File, File Choice, DOR)
Encoding:Text encoding used in text files specified in File: (default→US-ASCII)
Delimiter:Character to delimit SCALAR reference in File: (default→%)
Extraction Delimiter:Character to delimit object references in the Value: parameter of a FIND described below. default→%.