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Guide Section: Processing Object Data | EASAP Tree: DATA PROCESSING Branch

FILE SYSTEM returns specific information about a file specified in the File: parameter. There are three types of information that can be returned as specified in the Type: parameter:

  • Exists→returns TRUE or FALSE on whether file exists
  • Path→returns directory path associated with file name, either the full path or a local relative path as specified by Path Type: parameter
  • URL→returns web address or URL of file within EASA system

Note: For Path type of information, the ‘Local Path’ means relative to the EASA folder on the EASA Server, while ‘Full Path’ is the full path to the file in the EASAP folder when evaluated in the EASAP GUI as well as in the EASA→Results folder when a run has been submitted from the EASAP.

Essential Parameters:
File:File name
Type:Select type of file data. (Exists, Path, URL)
Optional Parameters:
Delimiter:Character to act as delimiter in DOR in File: above. default→%
Path Type:' Local Path' or 'Full Path'